Welcome to our site. We are all about the lovely creatures which are hedgehogs. Since you’re here, you likely want to know more about them, how to care for them, what to do when you find one in your garden, how to keep them as pets, and other useful information.


The most common place you’ll find a hedgehog is in your garden, as the critters move around at night and are known to walk a mile or two every evening. Hedgehogs aren’t dangerous in any way, but if you approach them, they will likely ball up to protect themselves. You can learn how to allow free movement between yours and your neighbours’ gardens, what food to leave out for them, and what to avoid if you find one in your garden.


Hedgehogs are primarily wild animals, but can they be kept as pets? You will probably have seen posts on social media about the cute creatures kept inside. If the situation arises for you, we’ll give you tips for properly keeping a hedgehog as a pet, if it’s the right circumstance.


Sometimes hedgehogs end up on the streets and roads and can be prone to injury. If you see or hear one which you think might be injured, we’ll talk you through the steps you need to treat them or seek help.

Hedgehogs are friendly but shy creatures and are in no way harmful unless you touch their spikes! Check out our pages to learn more about these lovely animals.