The usual breed for pet hedgehogs is the African Pygmy. Unless you are an expert in the most extremes of cases when it comes to abandoned orphans, and you have lots of advice on hand, keeping a hedgehog as a pet is not a good idea.

You can, however, keep an eye on and look after the hedgehogs which frequent your garden. In this way, they can be your responsibility, you can enjoy looking after them, they stay safe in their natural environment, and there is a lot less worry on your side. This is the most advisable way to keep a wild hedgehog as a pet. Here are some tips about how to do so.

Hedgehog Homes

You can build your own or find plenty online or in your local pet shop. Hedgehogs are prone to finding homes among piles of wood and leaves, where they can gain access to bugs to eat as well. However, this can be dangerous for them if people are unaware of their presence. A constructed hedgehog house is a safe alternative to this and can be fun to build.

Fence Alterations

If you are living in a highly populated area in the UK, it’s likely all the gardens in the area will be fenced off. Hedgehogs travelling around at night, often one or two miles at a time, can’t move as freely as they need to. Add some space at the bottom of your fence to allow them to pass through. Ensure it is too small for any pets to escape.

Food and Water

You can leave out small dishes of water and cat food for hedgehogs if they require nourishment. A natural alternative is to leave an area of your garden to grow wild, allowing them a source of bugs and insects to eat.