If you are a keen and enthusiastic gardener and have plans to update your garden or do a light spot of landscaping, there is one more thing to consider before you do. As a nature lover, you will likely have noticed if you have a family of hedgehogs or one which is a frequent visitor. Whether you see it every week or every month, it’s likely the hedgehog lives in the area, and your garden is one of its hot spots.

So, before you start upgrading your outdoors, consider the hedgehogs which use your garden often. If there’s a family with babies, it might be a good idea to postpone your updates until the babies are a little older, as handling them can be dangerous and disrupt their growth.


The best time to move or relocate a hedgehog or its family is around October time before they begin to hibernate and before the occurrence of any babies.

Thoroughly check any piles or heaps of leaves, logs, wood, or branches, as this is where hedgehogs like to sleep and access food such as insects.


If you do move them, wait until they are awake during the darker hours and use a pair of thick gloves, such as gardening gloves. Gently move them to another area where they will be just as comfortable. There is not much use in moving them to another garden, as hedgehogs are big travellers and will just head right back if they can.

In the new area, place a bowl of water and some cat food or mealworm. This means they’ll want to keep coming back to this area, instead of the old neighbourhood. You are now free to begin the construction of your new shed or heavy garden work. Just keep regular check-ups on them and inspect the area often.