If you have hedgehogs in your garden which are becoming a nuisance, are not compatible with one or more of your pets, or are in the way and you need to start updating your garden, you might think it’s as easy as just moving them. While this is entirely possible, there are lots of reasons why it isn’t as easy as you might think, and you’ll have to carefully consider the steps you take before you move them.


Simply moving your hedgehogs to another garden is a little futile, as these nocturnal creatures travel a mile or two every night, passing through several gardens, and eventually ending back at yours if it’s the kind of place they like.


If there’s a hedgehog family in your garden and there are young babies, it can be highly detrimental to them to try to move them at all. Picking them up can transfer your human scent onto them and result in the parents abandoning them. You then need to rescue and adopt them or take them to a shelter. If there are babies in an area you need to vacate, don’t do anything, and contact your local wildlife centre to see if they can help, but the answer might be just to wait.


Hedgehogs hibernate from autumn until spring, which is a bad time to try to move them. A prime time would be around October, right before they slip into hibernation, which then gives you time.


If you are at all worried or simply unsure, seek advice from wildlife and hedgehog experts, who will be able to tell you what to do and how to do it. There are definitely ways in which to go about relocating hedgehogs, but it’s much more complex than simply picking them up and moving them.